Healthy Tips for a Greener and Happy Home!

Whether you are just beginning to look for ways to have a more eco-friendly household or are a seasoned pro with all things green, these tip are simple things you can do to help make your home healthier. Healthy = Happy!

  1. Dust with a damp soft cloth to ensure that household dust, the final resting place of many toxins that enter our homes, is removed and not pushed back into the air.

  2. Open the windows and doors occasionally (even in winter!) to bring in fresh air and rinse out pollutants that have accumulated inside your home.

  3. Look for deodorizers or other air "freshening" products that list their ingredients on the product label. Some ingredients in air sprays, like propane and butane, and actually contribute to poor indoor air quality.

  4. Conduct a radon test. Radon is an odorless natural radioactive gas that seeps into homes from soil. A simple test can tell you if your home needs abatement measures.

  5. Look for personal care products and make-up products that do not contain parabens.

  6. Wash bedding frequently to remove dust and allergens.

  7. Look for "fragrance free" cleaning and personal care products if anyone in your home has allergies or sensitive skin.

  1. Establish screen-free bedtime routines to create healthy sleep habits. Source: Seventh Generation

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