New Life for Old Markers!

The end of the school year often means cleaning out backpacks and desk draws filled with unused, overused, or damaged school supplies. If your home is like ours, you have probably have a basketfulof markers! Some work, but most do not. We never liked throwing the old markers in the trash. Well the guilt ends here! Did you know that Crayola recycles used markers (including other brands)? The program ColorCycle is FREE to schools and it is super simple to incorporate before the school year ends!

Crayola is all about innovative solutions ~ in particular for kids and the environment. ColorCycle is one of their latest sustainability initiative designed to repurpose markers.

Crayola ColorCycle will accept all brands of plastic markers, not just Crayola markers. That includes dry erase markers and highlighters! ColorCycle will eliminate placing hundreds of tons of markers into landfills.

Click the links below for more helpful information!

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