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Co-mingled Residential Recycling
The residents of Newport News have the convenience of mixing their recyclables (plastic, paper, glass, etc.) in their authorized recycling container.


Place recycling cart at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day at least 3 feet away from any other object (trash cart, bulk pile, cars, mailboxes).  Unbagged recyclables are preferred for easier sorting.


  • Collection is every other week on your regular waste collection day.

  • Place your recycling container at the curb between 5:00 p.m. the day prior to your day of collection and 7:00 a.m. the day of collection with at least three feet of clearance between it and other carts or vehicles.



What Can Be Collected:

  • Cans - beverage and food cans (emptied and rinsed)

  • Bottles, Jugs and Jars - plastic and glass, including lids (emptied and rinsed)

  • Tubs – plastic yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, ice cream (emptied and rinsed)

  • Paperboard items - pantry item boxes (i.e. cereal and cracker boxes), file folders

  • Cardboard - flatten boxes; No larger than 3' x 3'

  • Paper - office paper, paper bags, magazines, newspaper and inserts, telephone books, junk mail, shredded paper (latter only if tied in clear plastic bag)

  • Foil pans – pie, take-out (rinsed)

  • NEW!!  Cartons – milk, juice, soup, broth, wine, etc. (empty, rinse and recap – do not flatten). Cartons must retain their three-dimensional shape to be sorted at the plant.

What Cannot Be Collected:

  • No plastic bags (please recycle at most grocery stores)

  • No plastics other than containers listed above (i.e. No toys, etc.)

  • No Styrofoam packaging or "peanuts" (UPS Store and Parcel Plus will take them, other shipping/packaging stores may also)

  • No household paper such as tissues, paper towels and plates

  • No yard waste

  • No clothing or shoes

  • No clothes hangers (neither plastic nor wire)

  • No fabric, leather, vinyl or carpeting

  • No electronics (view more information about recycling electronics)

  • No food waste

  • No window pane glass, ceramics, vases and other glassware

  • No scrap metal, such as aluminum siding, pipe, etc.

  • No empty oil containers

  • No air filters

  • No diapers


Too many recyclables? The city of Newport News has 6 Recycling Drop Off locations: Main Street Library (110 Main St) * Briarfield Fire Station (5844 Marshall Ave) Hidenwood Fire Station (12455 Warwick Blvd) * Oyster Point Fire Station (685 Oyster Point Rd) * NN Park Fire Station (13561 Jefferson Ave) * Recovery Operations Center (550 Atkinson Way—open 8-4, Mon-Sat only)


You may be able to upgrade to a larger recycling cart—call 311 for more info!


For helpful recycling in Newport News Questions and Answers VISIT HERE!

Questions? Visit or call our 311 center (757-933-2311).

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