Recycling in the 



Place all your household recyclables in your blue container with the lids opening toward the street with a minimum of 3 feet between each container and other objects.



Please visit the city of Chesapeake's interactive map to find your recycling week:  MAP


Items that can go in the blue bin:

NEW: Food & Beverage Containers (OJ containers, shelf-stable soup/almond milk containers)

  • Gift Wrapping Paper

  • Paper bags

  • Glass jars & bottles

  • Tin or steel cans

  • Cardboard (Flatten all boxes)

  • Telephone books

  • Junk mail

  • Envelopes with clear windows

  • Magazines & catalogs

  • Newspapers & inserts

  • Office paper & file folders

  • Aluminum cans

  • Clean foil & pie tins

  • Plastic bottles & containers with a spout – #1 and #2

  • Cereal boxes

  • Paper towel rolls

Items that cannot go into the blue bin!

The Public Works Department and the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department offer quarterly Chesapeake Recycles Day events to help you properly dispose of electronics, plastic bags, sensitive documents that need shredding and household hazardous waste. Visit our Chesapeake Recycles Day webpage for more information. There are also year-round options for you:

  • Plastic Bags: A local grocery store

  • Electronics: A thrift store or electronics store

  • Hazardous Waste: SPSA (see below)

For a complete list of what can/cannot be recycled in the city of Chesapeake VISIT HERE! 


Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste materials cannot go in the recycling bin or in the regular garbage can. They must be disposed of properly at one of the SPSA transfer stations or at one of our quarterly Chesapeake Recycles Day events. To learn more about what constitutes hazardous waste and how to dispose of it, visit the SPSA Hazardous Waste Disposal website.


For more information, please call 382-CITY (2489) or VISIT HERE!

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